Our show season begins each December and are held at East Coast Equestrian Training Center (ECETC) in the Pungo Borough of the City of Virginia Beach.  We offer hunter and equestrian divisions in accordance with the Virginia Horse Shows Association (VHSA) Associate rules.

Show Dates Membership   Membership & Show Fees
Dec 20, 2014 -- Judge: TBA
Jan 24, 2015 -- Judge: TBA
Feb 21, 2015 -- Judge: TBA
Mar 21, 2015 -- Judge: TBA
While membership is not required to show, our affordable membership with the ECHSA has great benefits!
  • Members will receive a reduction of $10 on divisions prices!
  • Members will be given entry to our new year end "Jackpot Celebration!" 
    (Much more about it coming soon!)
Download 2015 membership and horse recording form for the VHSA.
Membership Fees (due annually)
  • $40 per rider
  • $20 per horse or pony
Show Fees
  • $45 per division for ECHSA members
  • $50 per division for non-members
  • $20 per Class & Warm Ups
  • $5 discount for early entries
*Early entries may be faxed and received no later
than 6pm on the Wednesday prior to show date.
Fax: 757-721-0344.  
*Show Grounds *Prize List and Show Bill *Standings
The ECETC show grounds include:
  • 3 show rings
    • 270x130 attached interior ring
    • 150x300 exterior ring
    • 135x250 exterior ring
  • Sand/rubber/bluestone mixture
  • Warm up and exercise areas
  • 7 hot/cold wash stalls
  • Restrooms
  • Dragged and watered regularly
  • Wireless sound systems
  • Judges' stands
Our prize list consists of several divisions for the new show competitor and for the seasoned show competitor.

Our prize list page will have the upcoming show bill and prize list in PDF format for you to download and print out.  There will be show bills available at the show secretary stand.
ECHSA tallies points just as the VHSA does.  See our standings page for a listing of points.

Our standings page will allow you to sort by rider's name, horse's name and by total points.

Any competitor who is an active member of the VHSA will also earn points for their recognized divisions.
Show Rules and Class Descriptions High Point Awards *Weather
Our shows are in compliant with the Virginia Horse Show Association (VHSA) Rules and Regulations. 

We have described the many classes we offer by breaking them down into who may enter, what the jump height is and an overall description of the class.

A valid Coggins is required prior to entering the ring.  No exceptions.
At the end of the 2015 show season, we will be having a special Jackpot show just for our members. 

More information about it will be coming soon! 
Weather is very important in the planning of each show.  We want our competitors, vendors and spectators have a safe trip to our show grounds.

In the event a show must be cancelled, we will put it on our website.